Illumin8 Module 5.3: Chemical Engineering

Illumin8 Module 5.3: Chemical Engineering

This session explores the role of a chemical engineer. Students explore some of the unique areas a chemical engineer can be involved in. They then pursue the role of a chemical engineer in pharmaceuticals.

  • Through this lesson students learn about pH and the digestive system and apply their problem solving skills.
  • This week’s challenge requires teams to decide on a solution to model the stomach as well as developing a tablet coating which can withstand these conditions.
  • This session would be a fantastic opportunity to invite along a guest speaker from an engineering field – this could act as a substitute to or complement the career exploration activity. Some places to enquire about guest speakers are: Engineers Australia, City Councils, Engineering firms and Universities. The engineer may be able to stay and engage in the Challenge activities and assist with testing and scoring. Ensure “Working With Children Checks” are in cleared for any session guests (systems vary in each state of Australia).

The Illumin8 Resources are aimed at 9 – 12 year olds.

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