National Science Week Queensland

Queensland 2024 Seed Grants now closed. Successful applicants will be announced soon.


Don’t have a lot of time or resources? No problem, it is easy to get involved in National Science Week – host a “Brain Break Morning Tea” at your school, office with friends, family and colleagues.

Brain Breaks can be a quiz, group activities or a few quick science demonstrations – anything you want them to be. It’s a chance to stop and reflect on the science in your world.

Last year more than 300 workplaces all around the country registered to celebrate National Science Week in this way.

Think about what science themed food you could bring to the event – molecules made from lollies and toothpicks, cakes decorated with dinosaurs or biscuits in the shape of lab equipment.

If you’re holding a Brain Break we’d love to hear from you or share a photo – get in touch on Twitter via #brainbreak and #natsciwk or on Facebook @nationalscienceweek.

Registration is open until 17 July and the free kits will be posted in late July.

Holding a National Science Week Event in Queensland?

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Holding a National Science Week event?  Make sure you register on the National Science Week website by June 24 to unlock your free training session: Meet the Media.

Meet the Media is an online forum with panelists from TV, radio, print and online media sharing what they look for in a story, what gets covered, their timelines, and what they need from event organisers.

This session will be held before Science Week and is restricted to registered event-holders.

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Science Write Now - Science meets Arts online courses

Launched in National Science Week 2020, Science Write Now is an online magazine, podcast, and forthcoming online learning studio that promotes and facilitates creative writing about science. We aim to connect artists and writers with science/scientists to broaden ‘science writing’ into forms like fiction, poetry, and memoir that engage and cultivate empathy in readers who ‘don’t read science’. This year, Science Write Now will host four new science/art/writing courses on the National Science Week theme of ‘Glass’ across science week.

Courses will be created by Queenslanders and we will offer free participation to 18 Queenslanders during Science Week to inspire new ideas and works.

UNEARTHED Gold Coast 2022

Unearth your interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and join us for an action-packed program of STEM-inspired activities and demonstrations for the whole family. From Minecraft and interactive digital technologies to creative spaces, UNEARTHED will offer a range of STEM experiences and presentations to suit all ages, from the young to the young at heart.

STEM Discovery Night

A free science and technology night that is designed to showcase the wonders of science, technology and human innovation. The aim is to engage the public in all things STEM. From a family trivia night, to mirror mazes, laser tag, laser cutter demonstrations, local glass making classes, STEM investigation rooms, local elder workshops, star gazing and much more. The purpose is to highlight our strong STEAM and young entrepreneurial program at our school and get our name out there, while inspiring young people to pursue an interest in the STEM fields.

Kalkie Science Week Event

This event aims to bring STEM outside into our school gardens and help students and teachers to see Science everywhere. Using the theme ‘glass’, this event will bring art and health into the equation – using the vehicle of healthy food options, glass mosaics will be created collaboratively for display in the gardens. An outdoor ‘laboratory’ will allow students to examine the secret life of plants more closely (using microscopes and magnifying glasses) and watch a demonstration of food preservation using traditional ‘canning’ techniques in glass jars. Participants will apply future thinking to a familiar
place, using the lense of STEM.

Virtual Genetics and Genomics Roadshow

The Genomic Institute aims to run a Virtual Genetics and Genomics Roadshow aimed at Year 11 and Year 12 science students from State high schools around Queensland. These live sessions will feature free talks delivered by distinguished healthcare professionals and scientists’ to speak on topics related to genetics and genomics, technology advances, genetic research in QLD and career options. These free interactive sessions will spark interest and engage students in genetics research, and how it impacts disease diagnosis, management and treatment and also expose students to the different career pathways that can be pursued in the field of Genetics and Genomics.

Operation STEAM

Every child has an amazing ability to dream and think on a completely different level from adults. They view the world in a unique way.

Children’s museums exist in both large and small cities across the world. They allow for children and families to spend time together, exploring new and exciting real-world concepts and ideas. These museums offer children opportunities to experience learning, particularly in subjects that may be seen as scary/challenging, in ways that are fun and engaging. Operation STEAM is the next step in bringing quality Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics activities that are readily available in capital cities to children and families in Far North Queensland!

Junkbot Challenge at Goodna Special School

Goodna Special School is a P-12 School with over 210 students located in Goodna. Students at Goodna engage in the Australian Curriculum and celebrate science week every year. This year, the Goodna Special School will hold a week-long activity where classes can book a ‘Maker Space’ throughout the week for students to work on their creations over a number of sessions.


The Open Heart Learning Centre is a new community hub in Caloundra, aiming to connect families in the community and in particular, those families with Homeschooling students. This event will connect families and the community and will expose Homeschooling students to hands-on Science in a way that they have not yet experienced.  It provides opportunities to both homeschooling, and non-homeschooling students to connect through SCIENCE.

2022 Science Week

The Question and Answer part would be inviting past students of the school who are scientists or science-related areas to talk about their careers in STEM.
The bringing of an electron microscope would stimulate the Primary School pupils’ interest in Science. But also allows the Senior science students to see how they may be able to apply by gathering data through the use of the electron microscope into their assignments on Student Experiment. The presence of an electron microscope would provide opportunities for the Year 8 students to extend their learning on microscopy.


3Divas – Design thinking is a powerful skill to ensure our children are successful in the workforce of tomorrow and yet many parents, teachers and students still do not know what it is. This event aims to help everyone in the community understand why it’s so important through a highly engaging activity involving 3D modeling and 3D printing technology.

All members of the community, young or old can participate and learn together utilising the amazingly accessible, fun and engaging, Makers Empire 3D modeling software. Girls are underrepresented in STEM careers and this program targets that group