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STEM Club Grants for 2018 have now been awared to 49 new and existing STEM Clubs across Queensland!

Science or STEM Clubs include any extra-curricular programs in science and technology, including science clubs, robotics clubs, young engineers, coding clubs and citizen science programs.

Inspiring Australia Queensland is currently bringing together STEM Club experts and practitioners from across the State to work together on a comprehensive and flexible STEM Club program that anyone can join. Please assist us by completing a short survey on your club or group.

Current STEM Clubs in Queensland

There are already some dedicated STEM Club programs operating in Queensland. These include:

Paid STEM activities

Many providers offer one-off workshops, kits and holiday activities for students interested in STEM. For a more comprehensive list of STEM programs in education, visit the STAR Portal. Key providers in Queensland include:

Resources for STEM Clubs

There are many different resources available to use in STEM Club programs. Inspiring Australia Queensland is working to compile and make these available for anyone to use. Some resources that are helpful: