Regional Hub - Gladstone

The Central Queensland STEM Hub is hosted in Gladstone, and was established in July 2017.

Committee Members

  • CQUniversity
  • Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnerships
  • Gladstone Regional Council
  • Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre
  • Calliope Library
  • Department of Education

Key Activities

  • National Science Week, AugustĀ 2017 – Year 6 Festival
  • Youth Week, April 2018 – Innovation and Technology Expo
  • June 2018 – EcoFest

Upcoming Community Meetings

  • Term 1: Thursday 8th February 2018 10am CQUniversity LZB
  • Term 2: Thursday 3rd May 2018 10am CQUniversity LZB
  • Term 3: Thursday 2nd August 2018 CQUniversity LZB
  • Term 4: Thursday 25th October 2018 CQUniversity LZB

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