Illumin8 STEM Club Resource Package – Introduction

Illumin8 STEM Club Resource Package – Introduction

An overview of this ‘ready to implement’ science club package for community use across Australia, to inspire a positive relationship for young people and their families with the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The package is designed to provide fun, hands-on, activity based exploration across six STEM themes, each broken into 3 sessions (18 sessions in total):

Module 1: Air and Flight
Module 2: Water
Module 3: Weather
Module 4: Electronics
Module 5: Engineering
Module 6: Computers & Coding

Material has been designed to enable facilitators with all levels of scientific background to readily present each session. Links to references for further reading (online) have also been provided for each module, to support and extend facilitator’s understanding of content.

Also included here:

  • a list of Short group activities to do while waiting for experiments to proceed that can be utilised across all the modules.
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