It’s wonderful to see so many organisations producing online activities for National Science Week this year.

Browse through the compelling list of activities below to find the perfect fit for students of all ages and there’s even more to learn, hear and play on our Community Science page.

There are science lessons, interviews with STEM experts and competitions to engage, educate and entertain.


Whale poop? Oil slick? Actually, it’s Phytoplankton! 

If you like to breathe air and eat food, thank phytoplankton. Visible from space, these microorganisms are integral to all life.

Go2Qurious presents a new science and oceanography podcast designed especially for middle schoolers. Join host Dr Jamie Coull, and oceanographer co-hosts Dr Lachlan McKinna and Dr Ivona Cetinić from 15 August to explore ocean ecology and NASA’s PACE Mission.

Jamie, Lachlan and Ivona interview 11 scientists and engineers who work on NASA’s most advanced ocean-colour and aerosol satellite mission to date: PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud and ocean Ecosystems). Each episode is packed with science activities and resources.

There are fantastic science prizes to be won, and the podcast can be enjoyed by students, teachers and families alike.

Actually, It’s Phytoplankton!: Ocean Ecology & NASA’s PACE Mission is proudly supported by Advance Queensland and the Queensland State Government.

Actually, it’s Phytoplankton!: Ocean Ecology & NASA’s PACE Mission

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Queensland Museum Science Centre

Ignite your imagination in SparkLab, an interactive science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) space, ideal for 6 to 13 year olds!

Follow your curiosity and bring out your inner scientist as you question, investigate and wonder about the world around you.



H2O Kids moves online to keep education flowing during COVID-19.

H2O Kids online is an SEQ Water initiative. It is a school education program, designed to increase water literacy and knowledge while working in a blended learning environment (at school or home). 

Our appreciation and understanding of water as a precious resource is important regardless of what is happening around us. H20 Kids are here to support you in water education whatever the circumstance. This program has been developed for schools or parents to teach students online or in person with dedicated lessons.



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Why do you love STEM?
Video interviews with STEM professionals

How do elite athletes get good enough to go to the Olympics? What’s the oldest galaxy we can see in space? How can chemistry and forensic science keep firefighters safe? How can we safeguard green turtle populations? And is communication more important than coding for cyber security?

The Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist interviewed five Queensland scientists with very different backgrounds and skills to showcase the variety of pathways an interest in STEM subjects could lead.


These videos will premiere during National Science Week on the Queensland Science Facebook page at 12pm AEST each day on the following dates:

Monday 17 August: The science of sport with Dr Kirstin Morris, Queensland Academy of Sport

Tuesday 18 August: Astrophysics and dark matter with Professor Tamara Davies AM, The University of Queensland

Wednesday 19 August: Chemistry and fire forensics with Dr Matt Smith, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Thursday 20 August: Green turtles and marine science with Katharine Robertson, Department of Environment and Science

Friday 21 August: Cyber security challenges with Professor Ryan Ko, The University of Queensland

Watch the videos to find out about careers you may not have heard of, and hear from people who love their jobs and are fascinated with STEM!

Videos will be available to view on the Queensland Science Facebook page @qldscience page and the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist website after these dates.

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STEM Video Series

The Future Makers program provides STEM events and activities for teachers, students and communities across Queensland, particularly in the Western Downs and Gladstone regions.

The STEM Video series is specifically mapped to aspects of the Australian School Curriculum to demonstrate actual application of the concepts, skills and knowledge students are learning in the classroom.

Future Makers is an innovative partnership between Queensland Museum Network and Shell QGC, who joined forces to increase awareness and understanding of the value of STEM in Queensland schools and communities.

STEM Careers

Dr Paul Muir
Marine Biologist

STEM Careers

Sam Heritage
Environmental Compliance Officer

Year 6 Biology

Life on Earth, Dr Owen Seeman

Year 8 Biology

Cells, Dr Jessica Worthington-Wilmer

STEM Learning Resource

Queensland Museum Network Learning Resources is a brand new website that integrates the Museum’s high quality STEM learning resources with unprecedented access to collections, loan kits, events and exhibitions and a range of museum images. The free portal allows users to find resources across the whole Queensland Museum Network.

The learning resources available on the website are inquiry-based and aligned to the Australian Curriculum. They highlight research, objects and STEM careers from real world professionals.

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STEM Awesome Activities Book

Check out the new 2020 Awesome activities book by the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist for a host of experiments, colouring-in and word puzzles—just in time for National Science Week.

Download the activity book

Download more awesome activities by the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist here!

National Science Week Queensland
Grant Recipients

Looking for more lessons, interviews, activities and competitions to get your students excited about science and technology?

This year twelve organisations received a grant to develop activities for National Science Week and their efforts have been overwhelmingly received by educators.

Get your students involved in a citizen science project, take part in a hands-on technology experience with regionally-based engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs, or join a 360° virtual open day to find out how STEM applies to trades.

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BOP Education

After working with teachers, students and industry partners all around the world, BOP Industries has learnt a lot about how to prepare students for the workforce of the future. This is why they have started creating free resources for educators, students and parents to access some of their top tips and tools from partners around the world.

Resource centre

BOP Industries is an Australian technology and education company on a mission to inspire the next generation of Digital Creators. They aim to inspire, empower and engage ‘Generation Z’ showing them the amazing things they can do from anywhere, at any age. Through our innovation camps, workshops, masterclasses and various other engagements we have the pleasure of working with students, parents, teachers and industry leaders around the world to innovate, create and empower. 

BOP Industries CEO, Scott Millar joins the National Science Week Queensland live conversation series Future Earth.

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