Online Teacher Toolkit

Citizen Science in the Classroom

To assist teachers to incorporate citizen science in the classroom, the Office of the Queensland Chief Scientist has developed an online teacher toolkit.

With assistance from the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Citizen Science Association and NaturePlay Queensland, the web pages provide resources and links to teacher guides, lesson plans and other material developed by citizen science groups.

There is a searchable list of citizen science school teacher resources based on topic or year level, guidance on how to connect with a citizen science group as well as how to conduct a school bioblitz.

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Follow these handy links to access teacher guides, lesson plans and other material!

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What is Citizen Science?

The Australian Citizen Science Association defines citizen science as: public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim to increase scientific knowledge.

Citizen science is a flexible concept which can be adapted and applied within diverse situations and disciplines. Yet, there are key principles which as a community we believe underlie good practice in citizen science. In an effort to develop consistent and shared approach, the Australian Citizen Science Association has adapted and adopted, in consultation with our Members, the European Citizen Science Associations Ten Principles of Citizen Science. The principles below are our working principles, and it is anticipated they will be reviewed annually.