YSA Open Day – Experience Science

Queensland Museum, 3 March , 2pm - 6:45pm

03 Mar
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The Young Scientists of Australia, Brisbane Chapter Inc. would like to announce the YSA Open Day!

YSA would like to invite you to come and explore what the YSA are and what we do. Not only this, but YSA will be running some fantastic activities for our members and the general public to engage with.

The event is located at the Queensland Museum on March 3rd. All open day events are completely free! The YSA open day is open to the general public, although the targeted audience is high schoolers and YSA membership (ages 14-26).

Find out more on the YSA website or YSA Facebook page

What to experience at each event

Open Day Interaction, 2pm – 4pm

YSA will have various representatives and members scattered throughout the main floor of the Queensland Museum where you can interact and learn about what YSA is and how we benefit the community. Visit each table and learn about the various aspects of YSA. From the fun socials and science activities we can provide, through to personal development programs and volunteering at science camps, you can ask our volunteers anything about what we do.

Not only this, but each table will have one of our fun hands on experiments for you to enjoy and explore basic concepts in science.

YSA Networking, 4pm – 5:30pm (ticketed event)

Networking is a crucial skill to have in any career. We are providing the opportunity for all our members and general public youths to develop their networking skills with some of Brisbane’s best STEM professionals.

All attendees will get to converse with various STEM professionals from multiple backgrounds and gain insight into what it’s like as a professional who has finished study and is working in the industry. YSA has invited a wide range of STEM professionals to come and inspire the next generation of fantastic STEM enthusiasts. From engineers through to students completing their PhDs, there is a wide range of experience available for attendees to gain a wealth of information about their future.

Some noteworthy STEM professionals in attendance will include:

  • Dr Christine Williams, Queensland Acting Chief Scientist
  • Steve Liddell, Founder of Street Science
  • Sidney Hooker, Science on the GO! Program Coordinator and Chemistry
  • Nick Campbell, Electrical Engineer at Accenture Australia
  • With many more to be announced!

Experience Science Talks, 5:30pm – 6:45pm (ticketed event)

The experience science talks will see 4 fantastic STEM enthusiasts present to you a short ‘Ted Talks’ styled 10-15 minute talk about an engaging topic of their choice. Each presenter has come from a various walk in life and will be present a talk aimed to inspire the audience and break down the stereotype of a STEM career being difficult and boring.

With the theme of the talks series being ‘Science is Cool!’ we hope that all attendees can take away something new and interesting that sparks imagination into a future that involves STEM.

Speaker 1 – Professor Darryl Jones presents Can cities be wild?
Professor of Ecology; PhD from the Environmental Futures Research Institute at Griffith University

Darryl is a professor at Griffith University where he lectures in various ecology subjects. Darryl also researches all aspects of the way that humans and nature interact, what are the conflicts of the co-existence. In particular Darryl is interested in urban ecology and making the roads safer for wildlife.

Speaker 2 – Kate O’Sullivan
Science Education Officer at Fizzics Education
BSc (Nanotechnology) – UWA, GradDipSciComm – UWA, MSciComm Outreach – ANU

Kate is a total science nerd and with a background in theatre, so naturally becoming a science communicator was a perfect fit. Currently based in Sydney, Kate works as a Science Education Officer for Fizzics Education, one of Australia’s leading science outreach providers of interactive science workshops and shows. She gets a kick from seeing students engage with new ideas – especially when there’s slime, liquid nitrogen or EXPLOSIONS involved.

Kate has presented science shows and workshops with Questacon and is a former member of the Shell Questacon Science Circus team, touring regional and remote Australia. After studies at UWA in Nanotechnology, Chemistry and Science Communication, she ventured to this side of the country to complete her Masters at ANU in 2015.

Kate was YSA Perth President for 2 years in the late 2000s, and also volunteers her time with kids from at risk backgrounds as well as getting involved in local theatre and performance.

Speaker 3 – Shane McMaster presents Science isn’t just cancer cures
STEM secondary school teacher
BSc. MSciComm Outreach Grad. Dip. Ed Secondary

As a general science enthusiast from a young age, Shane went through being a scientist and a science communicator before settling with science teacher… for now! A passionate STEM educator who takes every opportunity to talk about science. At school Shane has started up a STEM club where students worked with longer projects than they would usually see in the classroom, learning about the scientific process.

While no longer an active science communicator, Shane uses his skills in the classroom to try and inspire the next generation of scientists.

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