World Science Festival – Toowoomba

16 March - 17 March

16 Mar
17 Mar
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Cool Jobs

The future of our job market is changing – so what does it take to do some of the coolest jobs on Earth? Meet amazing scientists with some of today’s most innovative jobs. Learn how they got there and what inspired them to choose their exciting and inspiring careers. Joining us for 2018 will be:

MADELEINE KERSTING FLYNN – is a Biomedical Illustrator who illustrates complex biomedical processes at the world-leading medical research institute QIMR Berghofer.

DR PAUL OLIVER – is the Queensland Museum’s newest curator in the Biodiversity Program. Dr. Oliver is interested in the diversity, origins and conservation of Australasia’s animals and plants. He has participated in expeditions to some of our region’s remotest areas and described over 50 new species.

Science Show

Street Science Steve and his team return to the World Science Festival Brisbane with a brand new show in Toowoomba featuring mind-bending science demonstrations.  With a focus on fuels and flight, these crazy science communicators will blow the audience away with fireballs, controlled explosions and mesmerising liquid nitrogen concoctions.

Join Queensland’s popular science production in a not-to-be missed journey of scientific discovery.

Bugs and Drugs

Join the fight against superbugs with cutting-edge science as your defence

 Antibiotic drugs have saved millions of lives since the 1940s. However, while disease-causing bacteria continue to change, our pharmaceutical defences have not, raising the threat of deadly armies of superbugs and a return to the dark days of infection care. The medical and scientific community is rallying but will they crack the microbial codes in time?

Our panel will discuss how science, government and industry must join forces to defend us in the escalating war of resistance.

Flight Club

Welcome to Flight Club. Explore how the animal kingdom has perfected the art of flying, soaring, parachuting and gliding to survive within diverse habitats. In this hands-on workshop, you will get up close and personal with museum specimens, examine the unique features and adaptations that enable flight, and use the wonders of nature to inspire your very own winged creation.

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