Townsville Pint of Science

Townsville Brewery and Heritage Exchange, 5 May - 22 May, 6-8pm

05 May
22 May
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Pint of Science is a global non-profit organization that brings scientists to local pubs to discuss their latest research and findings to the general public (more information can be found at:

This year, from May 20-22 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), we would like to focus on the diversity of work that aims to understand and/or improve science. Each theme will consist of two speakers per venue, per night.

Some themes we would like to have are:

1) stories from aboriginal and non-aboriginal natural resource managers in Australia;

2) young (middle and/or high school) students who are doing really interesting work and have a great passion for science;

3) new research in various science fields;

4) researchers who bridge the gap between fields (e.g., bridging medical and marine sciences); and,

5) people who have been underrepresented in the scientific community or have had limited opportunities to present their research (e.g minorities, people with disabilities, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, etc).

6) the role of women in advancing science

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