The Science of Go Power!

428 Waterford Rd, Ellen Grove., 2 December

02 Dec
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Friction, balance, inertia, electromagnets, lasers and the sun – all vital science for understanding high speed racing, solar cars, and even a homemade Billy Cart.

We’ll be exploring the science around these and, for a little bit extra, you can make a homemade of your own to keep.

Costs (inc. GST) 1. $125 for a super fun 6 weeks science course, with a toy to make and keep each week, OR 2. $220 for the course PLUS a billy cart we build over the course.

Dates – Oct 21, 28, (not Nov 2), Nov 11, 18, 25, Dec, 2 – Casual classes are discouraged, as students need the full term to get the real experience. However we do try to cater to every families individual needs.

Times Here at Creating Science, we want each and every student that attends to have the best learning experience possible – we even welcome and celebrate parents who want to join in and help!

The homeschool learning journey is a deeply personal one, and in order to assist you on this journey we have two kind of classes on offer, however, we will always do our best to teach whoever arrives on the day: – 9:30am Endeavour classes. We strive to go a little deeper into the content and material, taking time to talk though ideas and explore extra avenues. Lots of hands on here too, but if you want to have fun through discussion and content, this is your class. Older kids tend to find their place here. – 10:30am Challenge classes. Planned with a little less talking and more doing, suitable for those who have difficulty with sit down learning. If you want to have fun through experiencing, this is your class. Families are responsible for teaching their kids. While no homework is given, we are happy to explore, engage with, and even mark any work students bring in from home regarding the science experience this term. We have extra notes online for every class if you’d like to go deeper, and encourage high school students to take full advantage of this!

Equipment needed at different points.

We recommend you bring;

  • Covered shoes for little feet.
  • Tight fitting clothing so as not to catch on things.
  • Long hair tied tightly back.
  • Gardening gloves for little hands.
  • A lab coat if you have one.
  • A helmet/ stack hat for billy cart experiments (week 5,6)

Note This unit will help to develop materials for our upcoming hardcover science book ‘Creating Science 2 – Dangerous Science’. As such, playing with solar power, electricity, and Billy Carts is dangerous! Potential injuries include but are not limited to disappointment, lacerations, contusions, burns (electrical, friction, and solar), broken bones and even serious injury. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there! In all seriousness, science is dangerous because life is dangerous. But life doesn’t always come with a ‘here’s the danger’ sticker – we need to learn how to manage those dangers and make those stickers ourselves! Every activity herein can be accessed online, but the internet doesn’t always prepare you for the incredible dangers a little bit of scientific knowledge can hold.

So we’re here to fill that gap; to prepare tomorrow’s scientists and science citizens to safely, confidently and competently manage the very real dangers of life and science!!! Still, all participants families will need to sign our parent permission form, and it will be deeply appreciated if all families will sign our release of talent form, so that we can use pictures and videos to promote science online, in the community, and in the upcoming book ‘Creating Science 2 – Dangerous Science’.

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