The Disadvantage of Youth

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Level 22, 480 Queen St, Brisbane, 9 August, 12 noon - 5 pm

09 Aug
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Can teenagers reasonably be held accountable for their actions? Are we all born equal? How early in life (or in the womb) is our life trajectory set? Are poor life skills the product of our upbringing, or genetically predetermined? What factors most dispose teenagers to end in gaol?

Which preconditions of ill health in young people are most fundamental and most ripe for remedial investment? Does out-of-home care lead youngsters to an unstable, unhealthy life or do behavioural problems lead to separation from family? No one disputes that human behaviour is conditioned by factors pre-determined at birth, by factors determined by upbringing and by free choices made by people capable of rational thought and agency.

How relatively powerful are the pre-natal and early childhood factors? The answer determines whether dysfunctional behaviour should be seen as primarily a health problem or a criminal justice problem.

Come along and contribute your insights to the general discussion, and to a model of preventative health being developed for the Queensland Government.

Event Cost: FREE event!

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