Switch onto Science

Redland Museum, 22 September - 29 September, 10:00am - 3:00pm

22 Sep
29 Sep

Science is much more than explosions and weird experiments.  It is the knowledge we use to make all of the wonderful things we rely on every day.

Join us to explore how scientific knowledge is discovered, and how technology uses that science to make lots of very useful things.  Using our displays of vintage equipment, which are simple and easy to understand, we will talk about the science that makes them work, the stories about how they were invented, and what we use today. We will look at blacksmithing, steam engines, telegraph, telephones, radio, structures, fibres and dyes, music, photography, time, printing, and more. These are ‘hands-on’ activities, so you can to touch and try.

Then enjoy a show by guest presenter Ruben Meerman ,‘The Surfing Scientist’, who will take us on a spectacular educational journey of the Periodic Table, otherwise known as the Alphabet of the Universe.

Event Cost: FREE event!