Stewardship Incentives for the Pastoral Zone

Ground Floor Auditorium, 111 George St, 28 May , 12noon - 5pm

28 May
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President of the Royal Society of Queensland Dr Geoff Edwards will launch a new Discussion Paper arguing for a stewardship payment scheme for inland Queensland.

  • What is the duty of care for pastoralists in Queensland’s rangelands and who defines it?
  • To reduce the flow of sediment to the Great Barrier Reef, is tougher regulation – the stick approach – required, or would an incentive payment – the carrot approach – be more effective?
  • In any case, what justification is there for taxpayers to fund remedial works on private land?
  • Could trade in carbon credits pay for a general incentive payment?
  • Who should deliver the Queensland Government’s announced Land Restoration Fund?
  • Why is the Landcare movement languishing?
  • What can be done about regional youth unemployment now reportedly greater than 60%?

Come along to debate these issues with others who are knowledgeable in these fields.

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