STEM and Early Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Learning Through Play

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31 May
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STEM is more than an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It represents an important shift in pedagogical thinking in the early childhood years regarding teaching and learning in these important curricular areas. Although STEM has been a topic of academic conversation and research since the early 2000s, STEM has gained considerable attention globally in the last five years. Mounting evidence points to a need for further research and a focus on professional development in STEM understanding and what it means to early childhood teachers and administrators. For effective and engaging STEM instruction to become the norm in classrooms, we must begin in the beginning. Early childhood educators are uniquely positioned to start their young students on a positive path in STEM learning. These are the years that attitudes, interests, and self-confidence can be fostered so that children are eager to engage with the world in which they live. Teachers of children 3-6 years will benefit from this workshop that focuses on the developmental nature of preschool children and their need for appropriate experiences in a variety of environments. Administrators and curriculum directors will benefit from increased knowledge and understanding of the importance of teaching and learning in STEM. This workshop is structured so that participants will engage in large and small group conversations, learning tasks, and have time to reflect and design their next steps in creating STEM activities in their unique educational environments.

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