STEAM and Sustainability Symposium 2018

Tinana State School, 5 September

05 Sep
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Do you want to start integrating
STEAM at your school?

Are you interested in seeing
Kids Teaching Kids in action?

Do you want to promote student leadership and prepare future citizens to contribute to the creation of a more productive, sustainable and just society? (ACARA, 2016)

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Spots are limited!

Kids Teaching Kids Week is a national celebration. There will be thousands of student-led presentations across Australia, celebrating and recognising the outstanding environmental work that is taking place in Australian schools and communities. Kids Teaching Kids Week takes place 3 – 7 September 2018.

Tinana State School will be hosting and presenting several student-led workshops on Wednesday 5th September.  We would like to extend an invitation to your school to take part in our round-robin workshop presentations. Attending as a spectator school only can be a good introduction to Kids Teaching Kids for your students; with the option to present the following year!

Thinking about a student workshop or presentation? Cross Curriculum priorities such as sustainability mean that any subject are can tackle environmental education. Traditionally environmental education fits well in science however, some of our more memorable presentations have come from teachers integrating STEM with the arts. Ideally, we recommend that schools begin their Kids Teaching Kids Journey during Term 2, dedicating this time to ‘Breaking Down the Problem’ and ‘Making Connections’. ‘Taking Action’ and the final Workshop will follow in Term 3.

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