Somerset Embracing Digital Innovation in the Agriculture Sector Workshop

Kilcoy Information Centre, 20 November - 21 November, 8.30am-4pm

20 Nov
21 Nov
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Increase your knowledge and confidence to implement agtech solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.

About this Event

Embracing Digital Innovation in the Agricultural Sector is a two-day workshop designed to provide Queensland farmers/workers in the agriculture sector with the knowledge and confidence to implement agtech solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.

Technology today – Think big, start small

This session takes a look at the broad industry trends and challenges, macro (industry) and micro (individuals) benefits and opportunities of Smart Farming and digital transformation. Embracing technology has the potential to increase competitiveness and sustainability in their productions of both large and small landowners.

The session includes:

  • Connectivity/Productivity
  • Remote Sensing
  • Process Automation
  • Drones
  • Precision Control Technology
  • Data management and mapping – Using data in agriculture

The purpose of this session is to manage and map data to add value to your farm business. You’ll have the opportunity to start developing your own property map, and will cover:

  • Property mapping – what is the value and where to start
  • Soil mapping – improve effectiveness of your farming methods and increase outputs

Data management to make decisions

Use data to make decisions:

  • Role of data in small business – how the right data can lead to greater success
  • How to use data to inform business decisions
  • Data Security – what it is and why it’s important

Technology tomorrow transforming supply chains

Look at how technology is transforming supply chains by considering how things used to be done (the traditional approach) and the benefits/opportunities stemming from the e-business revolution:

  • Traditional supply chain
  • E-business supply chains
  • Blockchain overview – what it is and how it helps agriculture

Technology tomorrow and the big picture

We’ll end the workshop with a big picture look at technology that will have a large impact on industry in the future:

  • ‘Internet of Things”
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • 3D Printing

Resources required:

  • Participants mobile device — smartphone or iPad


Vivienne McCollum is an industry expert with over 20 years’ experience in digital agriculture. Viv owns and operates an agricultural consultancy business focussed on project management and extension services for various agricultural industries.

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