Science in the Soul

South Bank Piazza, 16 May , 7:00pm

16 May
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Believe it, unbelieve it, then believe it again – Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion, and The Selfish Gene) and Lawrence Krauss (The Greatest Story Ever Told…So Far, and A Universe From Nothing) are once again gracing the shores of Australia in 2018. Revered for their unapologetic appraisals of critical thinking and equally-unapologetic takedowns of religion, the duo will weigh in on the current state of anti-scientific affairs with new leaderships, new attitudes, new irrationalities, and new news that still remain as more of the same.

This May, Think Inc. answers the prayers (well, requests) of our audiences by bringing out the long-awaited tour of Richard Dawkins  and Lawrence Krauss in Science in the Soul, where they will share the stage for a joint talk, followed by a 30-minute audience Q&A and a Meet & Greet opportunity for special ticket holders.

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