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University of the Sunshine Coast Stadium, Sippy Downs, QLD 4556, 24 May, 51

24 May
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RoboRAVE is an international robotics competition with Headquarters in the USA. The competition has accumulated 18 years of history in the United States and each year it continues to attract thousands of students to participate. Due to RoboRAVE’s educational and engaging format, the events have been rapidly developing over recent years. In addition to Australian students, students in the USA, Colombia, Mexico, Czech Republic, China, Japan, Poland, Nigeria and India are also involved in the series of international competition events.

The 2020 RoboRAVE Australia event will be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast Stadium, Queensland, Australia from May 22 to May 24, 2020. During the RoboRAVE competition, students will need to be able to design, build, and program a fully autonomous robot to complete the given task. Inquiry-based learning and project-based learning is the exceptional educational philosophy that is deeply rooted in the nature of the RoboRAVE competition. During the preparation process for the competition, students’ hands-on ability, scientific understand, team working skills, time management skills, and language skills will all be significantly improved.

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