Print and Host your own Cancer-Themed Augmented Reality Art Gallery

Online, or print and host your own artwork at a physical location of your choice, 13 August - 21 August, Dates and times of webinars to be announced in June 2022

13 Aug
21 Aug

The ‘Cancer ARt Gallery’ is a series of augmented reality artworks using pop-culture and nostalgic themes to explain cancer biology. Each artwork is a collaborative process between an active cancer researcher and artist, mutually exploring creative expression to form an immersive and memorable experience. For this years National Science Week, Excite Science will make a limited number of interactive artworks available for individuals or organisations around Australia to print out and host at their own location. To increase engagement with the event, we will also be running a series of interactive webinars that invite the scientists and artists involved to explain the biology and creative process behind each artwork.

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Event Cost: FREE event!

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