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Nerang River, 18 August, 5am-9am

18 Aug
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PlatypusWatch needs your help to learn more about where platypus live and where they are disappearing. PlatypusWatch is a community-based program and involves members of the community undertaking platypus surveys, promoting and recording platypus sightings and assessing platypus habitats. This information is used to identify what education and conservation actions are needed to help protect this mammal.

The platypus is an amazing semi-aquatic mammal that is endemic to Eastern Australia and Tasmania. It is primarily nocturnal, living in creeks and rivers from cold highlands areas to tropical rainforests.

Unfortunately platypus numbers appear to be declining due to habitat disruption, water extraction, pollution of waterways and illegal capture.

Join us on our Surveys in August and September 2019 where we hopefully see some youngsters explore our waterways.

Make sure to email us on to register and get all the information for our surveys as well as the compulsory induction!

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