National STEM Roundtable Cairns

26-62 Hoare St, 17 August, 1-5pm

17 Aug

Keynote speakers:

  • Professor Jamie Seymour
  • Renae Sayers
  • Dr Brad Tucker
  • Ingrid Valentine
  • US Consul General Christine Elders

The National STEM Round-table will foster discussions on the challenges to, and strategies for, improving STEM education and pathways among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Participants and communities will engage with local, state and federal departments, the business community, policy makers, educators, and academic scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, using foundational knowledge of the evidence based on pedagogical and systemic change in education to inform and advance reform efforts. STEM projects run with partners, schools and organisation across 2024 will contribute to the discussions through providing research on the challenges and opportunities available.

Areas of focus include:

· Supportive pathways to STEM learning and STEM careers

· Addressing STEM education in an Australian context

· Making the STEM culture more inclusive

· Professional learning, transition and transfer opportunities, and incentives for the instructional workforce

· The thoughtful use of data to inform educators and leaders of systemic change.

The NSRT discussion will provide participants an opportunity to discuss research findings regarding science-based mitigation measures to environment disasters, including extreme weather events, through cutting-edge technology and First Nations science, and contributing to strategies developed in response. In doing so, student, communities and stakeholders have an opportunity to inform and influence matters of importance for their local areas.

1-4 pm, Saturday, the 17th August, 2024. Trinity Bay State High School- STEAM Building

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