The Lifespan of Habitable Worlds

Queensland Museum, 18 August, 2pm - 3pm

18 Aug
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Join NASA Scientist Dr Andrew Rushby for a free National Science Week 2018 Event at the Queensland Museum.

The Lifespan of Habitable Worlds: Using the Kepler space telescope and other ground and space-based observatories we are now aware more than 3,700 planets that orbit other stars in the galaxy. Many of these exoplanets are large gas giants like Saturn and Jupiter, some are more Neptune-sized, and a few are small and rocky like the Earth. Using some of the Earth’s oldest rocks as clues to the changing climate of this planet, as well as computer simulations of the climate and deep, rocky interior, we can investigate if, and for how long, these recently discovered planets can support life and consider how this impacts our search for life elsewhere in the Galaxy. These studies are also important in identifying potential ‘biosignatures’ – signs that we can detect from astronomical distances that might give away the presence of life.

Event Cost: FREE event!

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