Heard Blog Hackathon

Level 2, The Capital, Queen St Mall, 24 March , 9:30am - 4:30pm

24 Mar
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If you struggle with health-related issues or you care for someone who does, do you feel like your voice isn’t being heard?

It can be disempowering when others don’t understand what life looks like for you.

This has definitely been true for me as a carer to an Autistic child. And I’ve heard from many others over the last few months who would love to feel more empowered to share their stories but don’t know where to start.

That’s why I’m hosting the HEARD Blog Hackathon on  March 24. HEARD stands for Heartwarming, Empowering, Acknowledging, Resonating and Daring.

The purpose of this event is to empower you to create a blog post so you can express yourself fully and connect others to your experience of life.

About The Workshop

Participants will be using the revolutionary Writally app to design their blog post recipes (step-by-step templates)  ahead of the day and we’ll run hands-on workshop sessions with marketing and communication experts throughout the day so you can learn how to write an impactful blog post. You’ll also hear from others who have started sharing their stories about their health-related issues on and offline and see the impact of this first-hand.

This is going to be a powerful event and we aim to publish all 150 stories to connect others to your experience of life. Imagine the impact that being HEARD will have on ending health-related discrimination.

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