F-6 Digital Technologies Extended MOOC (Sunshine Coast)

40 Peregian Springs Drive, Peregian Springs, 26 March - 27 March

26 Mar
27 Mar
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The University of Adelaide’s CSER Group offers free support to schools in the implementation of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. This session is designed to explore the Digital Technologies curriculum for teachers of Prep – Year 6, using the CSER MOOC resources.

During this 2 day workshop we will be working through the entire F-6 Digital Technologies Extended course, covering:

Day 1

  • Algorithms and programming – Extended
  • English Connections

Day 2

  • Maths Connections
  • Assessment

Participants in this course would benefit from having completed the F-6 CSER Foundations MOOC Course prior to attending this workshop.

Hands on examples and useful resources are used to help teachers gain an understanding about how to teach these topics in a primary classroom and how this relates to the Digital Technologies curriculum.

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