DiscoverIT – 3D Printing (Dudley Denny City Library)

Dudley Denny City Library, 18 September, 10-11am

18 Sep
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Event Cost: FREE event!

Designing and creating online has never been easier – so long as you know where to start. This class will introduce you to do basic online 3D and creative design sites. Then, we will have a closer look at the Library’s 3D printers. What might you create?

Note: Participants needs basic Internet skills and an email account to attend this class. Please ask the following questions:

  • Do you know how to access the Internet from your computer or tablet?
  • Do you have and can you log into your email account from any computer where you can access the Internet?
  • Do you know your email address PASSWORD?
  • iPad Users – you MUST know your APPLE ID and PASSWORD.

Yes to all of the above – proceed to booking.
No – please choose Internet and Email classes.

Please book for one branch only, no bookings will be accepted for the same session at different library branches.

Access to free events is only one of the benefits of library membership. If you are not already a library member, please join at


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  • Please arrive promptly to each event that you have registered to attend.
  • Allow time for travel and parking. You can find information about our library locations at

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If you do not wish to be filmed, recorded or photographed please advise staff when you arrive.

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