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Webinar, 19 June, 4pm

19 Jun
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In 2017, we ran a workshop, Animal computer interaction (ACI) & designing for animal interaction (AXD) with established folk working with animals with the aim of beginning a local Australian group of researchers and practitioners working with animal well-being and animal interaction design/animal computer interaction solutions. We found rich work, presentations and discussions and we now bring these to a broader public to hear and to add their inputs (and join in).

Dr Ann Morrison

Digital Life Lab
University of Southern Queensland
@anmore #animalIxd

Ann has recently arrived back to Australia and is a Senior Research Fellow at Digital Life Lab, USQ working on mobility and social inclusion with elders and animals. Ann remains affiliated as an Associate Professor for Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark where she led the Urban Vibrations Lab and designed a range of tangible solutions to enhance states of well-being, mobility, safety and social interaction for everyday circumstance, assistive care and urban environments.

Jon Coe

Jon Coe Design

Jon Coe is a landscape architect and zoo design specialist. The goal of Jon Coe Design is to collaborate in the creation of enriching and sustainable environments for people, plants and animals. His particular interest is in using technology to give zoo animals increased control over their environments while providing abundant behavioural choices for them. Jon has been publishing on zoo design advances since 1980, with over 70 publications in books, journals and conference proceedings. Jon’s work has been publicised in international media such as Time Magazine, New York Times and Washington Post. Jon has worked with over one hundred sixty planning and design projects for eighty-two zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, theme parks wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in sixteen nations on six continents.

Dr Julia Hoy

University of Queensland

Julia Hoy is the Research Manager at the University of Queensland’s Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre, coordinating and supervising postgraduate students studying a wide range of wildlife conservation projects.  Julia specialises in researching microchip-automated technology as a tool to improve captive wildlife management, and the overall success of wildlife reintroduction programs.

Dr Jane Turner

Queensland University of Technology

Jane Turner is a lecturer and researcher in Interaction and Visual Design in the School of Design at the Queensland University of Technology. Her research is concerned with design, stories and criticality. Her research into game design and stories has recently been enhanced by rediscovering the joy of sharing life with a companion animal.

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