Advanced Materials Seminar Series: Condensed matter research projects at RM…

QUT Gardens Point Campus Room GP-M306, 23 April, 2:00 pm AEST

23 Apr
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Condensed matter research projects at RMIT Physics

Experimental condensed matter physics is a rich area of study with many fields of interest and diverse applications. The first section of this seminar will examine instrumentation and the various advanced characterisation techniques available at large user facilities such as the OPAL nuclear reactor in Sydney and the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne. Details of how to build a complex instrument will be given, with a particular focus on providing a facility for the end users. International facilities, and how to access them, will also be mentioned.

The new microgravity science laboratory at RMIT is under construction with plans to incorporate a custom-built evaporation chamber. Samples will be characterised using the RMIT Microscopy and Microanalysis facility. The current status of the laboratory and future capabilities will be detailed.

The growing number of microgravity platforms available in Australia provide scientists with a new environment in which to conduct experiments. RMIT Physics has built a magnetised chamber as the payload on a rocket providing ~1 minute of microgravity. A ferrofluid sample secured within the chamber has been designed to observe the interactions between the magnetic particles and any agglomeration using an on-board camera that transmits real-time images during the rocket’s flight. In this seminar, scientific scope of the RMIT experiment recently launched at the Thunda rocket event in Queensland will be presented.

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