3D Printing: A New Frontier for Regenerative Dentistry

Customs House, 9 August, 6pm - 8pm

09 Aug
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3D printing is not a new technology however using it to print live tissues and cells is a recent development. UQ’s School of Dentistry is exploring tissue regeneration caused by gum disease.  The Gum disease, periodontitis, affects nearly 50% of adult Australians over 40 years of age. A difficult disease to treat, the tissue that supports teeth, breaks down and does not regenerate.

Using bio-printing technology however requires the expertise of not only clinicians but engineers and scientists to address one problem. Professor Justin Cooper-White from UQ’s AIBN will provide an engineer’s perspective at developing novel biomaterials for tissue engineered cartilage, bone, cardiac muscle and vascular systems.

This presentation will bring together three UQ researchers whose expertise could be the key to solving gum disease.

Event Cost: $30

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