JCU – Inspire Me Week

The Brewery, Townsville CBD, 20 June, 6pm - 7:30pm

20 Jun
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JCU is excited to invite you, your staff and friends to be our guests at our upcoming public lecture series at The Brewery as part of JCU’s Inspire Me Week celebrations. Join some of our leading researchers and academics to discover more about their fascinating fields of research in a relaxed and fun environment.


6.00pm – Microbes are your friends, just don’t stress them out

Microorganisms play a fundamental role in the functioning and stability of coral reef ecosystems. Coral reefs are increasingly affected by localised impacts such as declining water quality and global pressures derived from human-induced climate change, which severely alters the natural conditions on reefs.  Dr David Bourne will discuss the potential of microbes as early warning indicators for environmental stress and coral reef health and proposes priorities for future research

6:20pm – Illuminating the secret life of sea snakes with the tail scales and alchemy

Find out about the discovery of two rare sea snake species thought to be extinct. Discover how we can use DNA to make sea snake family trees and use this information to tackle threats to sea snakes survival and design conservation strategies needed to protect sea snakes.

6:40pm – Putting the ‘geo’ in geotourism

Learn about Geotourism and how it sustains and enhances the geographic character of a region encouraging tourism and economic development.

7.00pm – Supersizing your fish and chips order using science

Learn about the selective breeding program that is currently being researched using natural processes to encourage fish to grow larger to feed more people. Discover how this research is encouraging economic growth for developing countries

7:20pm – Toileting: everybody’s business, everyday!

Join Professor Ajay Rane who talks us through the serious side of toileting humour.

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