2019 City Cluster Mini Festivals – Science

Newmarket State School, 17 July - 7 August, 9am-4pm

17 Jul
07 Aug
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Event Cost: $80

Polymers are incredibly important in our everyday lives but are something that we all take for granted. Their properties help to define their use, and in this series of engaging sessions, students will extend their knowledge beyond the curriculum to look at polymers at the molecular level. Brisbane Urban Environmental Education Centre teachers will guide students in an exploration of crystalline and amorphous polymers and how their molecular structure influences their use.

Students will shine lights through polymers sandwiched between polarising film and make connections about what the range of colours can tell us about the properties of the material. We will then build models of repeating polymers to demonstrate their amorphous and crystalline properties, together with their chemical structure.

Students will then deepen their understanding of polymers as they plan, conduct and refine scientific experiments to make the bounciest polymer ball. They will use their knowledge of molecular structure to create a recipe. They will compare the bounce of each ball and analyse how the balance of ingredients may have affected their results.

On the final day, students will learn more about how amorphous polymers are used in everyday life as they produce a mystery item that will communicate the vocabulary they have developed throughout the sessions. This mystery item will provide opportunities to share their learning with other students back at school. In a final reflection and review activity, students will compete in a game show to determine who is the Polymer Master.

Please note: To manage traffic; drop off and pick up is via Banks Street. There will be Newmarket State School staff members present to collect your child and escort them to the program. You will not need to park or leave your vehicle. At the end of the session, your child will be brought to the pick-up area for collection.

Travel to and from the festival is the responsibility of parents/ caregivers. We look forward to seeing your child in July and parents/carers at the celebration on August 7.

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