STEM Experts

Year 10 students from regional schools across Queensland ask 15 experts who enjoy science, technology, engineering or maths based careers all about their passion for STEM and what their everyday is really like in the workplace or out in the field.

Read answers from a scientific futurist, an environmental engineer, a blockchain industry mentor, an aerospace engineer, and many outstanding entrepreneurs.

Find out about the pharmaceutical potential of Australian native plants for use as therapeutics for global infections and diseases, environmental site investigation and remediation of contaminated land, as well as self-driving car, robotic and artificial intelligence technologies.


Alan Hoban
Director Civil & Water
Bligh Tanner

Alan Hoban is an award-winning engineer who works with organisations to improve urban water management and water sustainability

Julie McLellan

Chief Executive Officer
Healthy Land and Water

Julie McLellan, a scientist within the water industry who works with companies to support the environment, economy and our way of life.

Professor Michael Milford
Professor in Electrical Engineering
Queensland University of Technology

Professor Michael Milford, a Technology Leader who uses robotics and neuroscience to help people build self-driving car, robotic and other artificial intelligence technologies.

Kym Baker
General Manager
Patheon Biologics, by Thermo Fisher Scienfitic Patheon

Dr Kym Baker, a biotechnology industry leader, builds relationships between industry and academia, and has a passion for mentoring Australia’s future scientific and engineering talent.

Sang Pham
Automotive Software Requirements Manager

Sang Pham, a Systems Engineer who uses his Aerospace/Avionics Engineering knowledge to help programs create safe ways of building products like self-driving cars.

Brooke Jamison
Experience Lead

Brooke Jamieson, a mathematician and data communication expert working with a global Smart Buildings company.

Dr. Brit Asmussen
Senior Curator of Archaeology: Indigenous Cultures, Cultural Environments Program
Queensland Museum

Dr. Brit Asmussen, an Archaeologist who investigates past resource use, the impacts of past climate changes, and socio-cultural change within Australia.

Carina Jakobi
Principal Contaminated Land Consultant

Carina Jakobi, a Contaminated Land Consultant helps companies to prevent contamination to the environment and recommends ways to clean it up when it does get contaminated.

Associate Professor James Hudson
Group Leader
QIMR Berghofer
Cardiac Bioengineering Laboratory

James Hudson, a Cardiac Bioengineer who uses state-of-the art bioengineering methods to understand how the heart works.

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Katrina Donaghy

CEO & Co-Founder
Civic Ledger

Katrina Donaghy, an award-winning businesswoman using next generation technology to assist governments to be more efficient, effective, accessible and transparent in an ever-increasing digital society.

Leslie Lowe
Managing Director
T.E.C.K.nology Environmental – Traditional Ecological and Cultural Knowledge

Leslie Lowe, an Environmental Scientist using Indigenous knowledge and modern business principles to provide sustainable environmental and agricultural services.

Andrew Franks
Principal Botanist
Oberonia Botanical

Andrew Franks, a Botanist who gives advice to organisations and government sectors about the plants and vegetation within their working sites.

Ashleigh Morris
Co-founder & CEO

Ashleigh Morris, a trail blazing company co-founder helping clients in the mining, agriculture, education, tourism, construction and property sectors transition to a circular economy.

Peter Clowes
Director & Founder

Peter Clowes, virtual and augmented reality technology business owner who is helping people transform how we interact and engage with next generation of computers.

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