National Science Week Queensland
14 - 22 August 2021

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. Running each year in August, it features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science centres.

These events attract a wide audience from children to adults, and science amateurs to professionals. Over one million people participate in science events across the nation.


2021 Seed Grant Recipients

From a fashion project to an after-dark library experience this year’s National Science Week is set to inspire and ignite your curiosity with an array of exciting STEM activations, delivered by community event-holders.

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National Science Week is a collection of events staged by individuals and organisations that together make up one of Australia’s largest festivals.

Online Resources

Last year Inspiring Australia teamed up with specialists in online education Virtual Excursions Australia to deliver a bespoke program to support those who deliver science engagement programs targeting the general community.


We are living in an era of change, a new dawn of time where humanity’s impact on earth is more profound than ever before. The time has come to step back from the precipice, protect what remains and move toward solutions for surviving and thriving on this extraordinary planet. 

Future Earth needs us.

To succeed in bringing humanity back from the brink we need great minds, a collective force, shared knowledge, and a global transdisciplinary approach to sustainable existence on Earth.

Join National Science Week Queensland on a journey to discover all that is possible in creating a brilliantly bright and sustainable future through science. Unlocking the past, present and ‘future normal’ of life on earth through science.

Live Stream Events

Q&A with
STEM Experts

Experts from all the STEM fields answer year 10 students’ burning questions about science, technology, engineering and maths based careers.

From robotics, augmented reality, and blockchain technology to healthy waterways, aboriginal bush medicine, and bioengineering approaches to heart health – students probe the serious and light-hearted side of more than 15 experts.