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Tag line: Science provides the results for Georgia Williams’ archaeological interpretations.

Position: Education Program Coordinator

Organisation: Everick Foundation

At 22 Georgia Williams is finishing her Honours in Archaeology while working at the Everick Foundation, the non-profit arm of the cultural heritage consultancy company Everick Heritage.

Georgia studied a Bachelor of Arts/Science, majoring in Anthropology and Archaeological Science at the University of Queensland.

Georgia says “in high school, my perception of archaeology strongly favoured the humanities. Only once I started my undergraduate degree did I realise how ‘scientific’ archaeology was!”

Her excavation experiences in Hawai’i and North Stradbroke Island have confirmed how grounded archaeology is in scientific analysis. Georgia has collected charcoal samples for radiocarbon dating, interpreted sediment cores and marvelled at the preservation of thousands of tiny fish scales.

Georgia works as Everick’s Education Program Coordinator assisting with outreach initiatives including school visits and their annual field school. This role provides her with an opportunity to engage with the public and encourage others to see how science can bring the past into the present.